~[slowly]_we rot (feverpitch_) wrote in autopsyroom,
~[slowly]_we rot


-comment & let me know which icon(s) you're taking.
-credit in icon keywords. (by: autopsyroom OR feverpitch_)
-feedback would be wonderful, ♥.
-167 icons / all .png

(at least one icon of each member)

172 slipknot iconsCollapse )

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took a few...from past posts too..i shall give credit where it due
I wish I liked Slipknot more than I do when I look at these. They're wonderful.
Would it be possible for u to make some old school slipknot icons...like some self titled album ones...thatd be great!
Took some Joey ones, and some video icons. Will credit.
Stealing Lots. Will credit!
amazing icons. not taking any for the moment, but can i ask how you made the animated ones.?
Oh these are amazing! I think I'll be taking a few. I'm taking the last Sid Wilson, 4 & 11 of Joey, 1,2,6 & 22 of the whole band ones.

You did an amazing job ♥
Is there any way that if I gave you three icons of mine that you could make them into one animated icon? No resizing or decoration is neccessary. I LOVE your work, so let me know! Thank you. =)
Awesome Icons, took a lot and I'll give you credit when I use them. Thanks
Took some Joey ones. Will credit.
I took some icons and will credit when I use them.
These icons are so so so amazing!! All of them!!
I saved a whole bunch. Thanks so much!!
i'll take all Joey ones. i love them. and i'll take some video icons. will credit. ^^<3
took some credit when used :)
Taking a Chris icon. Thanks so much. Will credit.
I've taken...a lot. Mainly for LJ userpics, will credit in keyword.

Thanks. ^_^
very cool =)
Taking some joey,corey,and band ones will credit when used :)
omg- soooo cool!
i will use one of joey and jim-

i must mark this as memory <3
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