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welcome to autopsyroom. owned and maintained by feverpitch_ of livejournal. AUTOPSYROOM DESIGNS -
autopsyroom is a community that i, feverpitch_, have made to post my icons & graphics to share with fellow livejournal users. make sure you lick the join community link at the top of this page. DO NOT ASK to be added. this is a community, all you need to do is join and add autopsyroom to your friendslist. autopsyroom was created on february 11, 2005. most of the graphics at autopsyroom will be bands, morbid, or anything "dark". i will never make any pop icons. you can forget it. don't even bother asking. RULES & REGULATIONS -
01. anything you take needs to be credited. you may credit either autopsyroom or feverpitch_, it doesn't matter. for icons, credit in the the picture keywords. for headers or anything else, credit in the userinfo. 02. my icons/graphics are for livejournal use only. it's easier to keep track of them that way. 03. always remember to comment and let me know which icons/graphics you're taking. i'll want to know what's floating around out there ;] 04. DO NOT DIRECT LINK. DO NOT DIRECT LINK. make sure you upload everything you get from this community to your own server or a photo uploading site. try photobucket. 05. never change, customize, or give out any of my work/graphics without my permission. (ex; blank icon bases) only with permission! 06. i do not take requests. every once in a while i might make a post asking for some... but other than that, don't bother. LINK BACK TO AUTOPSYROOM -
please save & upload to your own server. do not direct link!
autopsyroom autopsyroom autopsyroom
autopsyroom autopsyroom autopsyroom autopsyroom

outside_icons, bombayicons, decorous_icons, whoresque disappearicons _illustriously animatronicons raw___icons deseo_secreto peasanticons ohpaintbrush famousicons sambamicons _coquettish, thrill_icons
passioned diffusal savethat translucent throwingchairs siren_designs chaotically internalheat tragic icons
comment to be an affiliate on this post. thank you. if you do not follow and cooperate with all of the rules, i will remove & ban you from this community. no warning.

RESOURCES: Archived post can be found here.